What should website maintenance include?

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Taking care of a website is an ongoing process that should be done regularly. Aside from regular updates, there’s plenty of other tasks that can contribute to how secure, usable or well ranked your website is.

The key tasks every website maintenance service should include are:

  • Components updates (for WordPress it’s plugins, the WordPress core, the theme. For other types of CMS or setup it’s individual – depending on how the website is coded). Updates are needed to get the latest security patches + keep your site using the latest technology. Out of all hacked WordPress websites, 61% were out of date.
  • Complete website regular backups – including all your content and database. Many things can go wrong with technology – whether it’s someone updating content and messing up the layout or adding new functionality and breaking another, or making sure that you have a backup if something breaks after component updates. It’s essential, cheap and saves you a lot of trouble.
  • Security monitoring – with 90,000 attacks on WordPress sites every minute, you’d want someone checking for file changes or known security bugs proactively + fixing them as soon as possible.
  • Website loading speed check – first, you make sure your website is fast, that’s great. But it slows down over time – with new content, features, images that might be too big, many users adding stuff that they don’t optimise – and your fast website is suddenly sluggish again. By monitoring this, you can react fast, as soon as something impacts the loading speed – and fix it.
  • SEO monitoring – index your site’s visibility over time, see whether all the other work is having the desired effects. You can’t improve what you don’t measure. We can help you get a detailed overview of chosen keywords you target and on which positions your site is shown on Google, as well as calculating an overall visibility index – showing you whether your website’s visibility overall is improving over time.

All these services should be performed regularly for best performance and security. We’ll be happy to help you pick the best plan or build a custom one that suits your needs. Read more about what services we offer here or drop us a line.

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