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How we work

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There are many ways how to make a website. Not just the system or programming language/library you use, but also the approach and tools that the team working on your website uses matters a lot – especialy to you, as a customer.

Here’s how we make sure you get the most for your money

First, we will make sure that we understand what you want to achieve. That means not just “I want / need a website”. A website is just another means to get something else – sales, revenue, subscribers, traffic, orders. And there are various ways to achieve one or the other – we’ll use our knowledge to find the best way for your goals.

Then we will do research and find the best tools for your specific goal. Although we are using a set of time tested and reliable tools and technologies, times move fast. It’s always good to stay on top of new development – new marketing tools or strategies, new and more efficient ways to build websites, new tricks on how to achieve the same result – and keep your website faster, leaner, easier on the eye.

We’ll refer all our findings to you – agree on the process, price and give you a rough timeline. If it makes sense, we’ll give you options / alternatives – cheaper / more expensive, faster / slower etc.– usually there’s more ways to do one thing, you can pick what suits you.

First version / draft of your project starts – we don’t waste your time and money creating designs in Photoshop that we can create on your website in the same time. Nowadays, that means doing the same work twice. We prefer to start the work and communication with you straight away – building a first version of your website, that you will then comment (let us know what is good, what isn’t, what’s missing). Based on this feedback, we’ll refine the website until you are satisfied with the result.

This is followed by final polishing, optimisation & hand over to you (including a manual to help you manage most of your website’s content yourself).

Maintenance – staying in touch, adding features and keeping your web safe & up to date.

What helps us be efficient?

Focused, deep work – no phone calls and doing three things at once, but focused work – phone on flight mode, careful planning & execution, doublechecking our work

The right tools for the job – we want to do the job efficiently for you, but also ourselves (a win-win). Using the right tools and technologies, reading about the latest web design and SEO tips and tricks). We are not wasting time building pretty internal reports or writing summaries that hardly anyone reads and don’t change the quality of work clients get. We know what drives success – good results > happy clients > innovation, efficiency. Not bureaucracy, perfectionism on unimportant things that don’t impact our results or our client’s goals.

Sprint mode – each client gets a fair deal, a fair share of our time. We work in sprint mode – meaning that we allocate a few hours every day to work solely on one client’s project, and only after this is done, we move onto the other. But we work on a few client’s projects in a day – that way they all move along towards their finish, one doesn’t wait for the other to be finished first. Usually, it looks like this:

  • day 1, work starts on client A’s project for 3 hours, when done we move onto client B’s project
  • day 2, client A + client B’s work similar to day 1, we then email client A with a finished demo or an idea. Whilst we wait, we can work more on client B’s project
  • day 3, client B is notified via email about progress + some suggestions. Client A responds and we can implement the latest feedback, while we wait for client B to respond
  • … and so it goes until all open projects are finished to our client’s satisfaction :)

Honest communication – if it quacks like a duck… it’s a duck. We don’t sugar-coat our communication, give clear estimates and instructions, spend time to answer your questions, even if they are not that related to the project or paid for – but they might help you (i.e. happy to give you SEO advice even if you don’t order SEO services from us). If something doesn’t make sense to do for your project, we will let you know, and probably suggest a better / more efficient / cheaper alternative. 80/20 (Pareto rule) is as important in web design, as it is in business or any other area of life.

Tools we use

And that’s how we make sure, our clients get good results and keep coming back :).

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