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The problem with SEO…

…is not in SEO itself, but in most people’s belief, that it’s a one-off task. Install this and optimise thats and voila! First page results.


It doesn’t work like that.

SEO is an ongoing process of improving your website from both – the technical side (quality of code, structure, speed, mobile speed) and the content side (on-site – actual texts and whether they contain what customers are looking for and off-site – backlinks to your site from quality sources).

And this takes time. It can’t be done in a month, it needs more time.

How to speed up getting better Google Ranking

But there’s still steps you can do to speed it up… for example:

  • be smart about who you target for your backlinks – some websites might seem lucrative (high rank), but precisely for that reason, they might be inundated with backlink emails. It’s better to select those more relevant to your content, maybe with a lower rank, but a higher chance of collaboration
  • update your existing content – rather than paying for new posts, how about updating your existing ones? They are already indexed and have good content (presumably, if you did a good job initially). Things change fast – how about adding the latest info? Google likes that.
  • have the right technical set up – like having the correct metadata / structured data (date last updated wouldn’t be bad if you go into the trouble of updating your posts…)

Of course there’s more. We are here to help – drop us a note :).

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