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Why should you consider WordPress management services?

Not a bad question! I thought about it too – hey, I can manage on my own right, why pay someone to manage and take care of updates, backups, security of my website? Well, lucky me, I am that someone too, so works fine in this case :). But this is my area of expertise – therefore it doesn’t take my time away from anything – I do it anyway. How about you? Thought so :). Your time is probably much better spent on whatever you are good at, rather than taking care of the technical stuff on your website. Let’s dive deeper.

WordPress software updates

How often do you get notified on your phone about new updates for various apps? I’d say weekly, that’s at least the case for me. Now this is very similar for the system and it’s elements / plugins that your website is built on. WordPress is updated about 20 times each year. That’s almost every two weeks. That’s just the core system.

Then you have a theme – the design of the site. These themes get at least a few updates each year.

Then you have plugins – little apps that add various functions – newsletter, stats, social media sharing, galleries, sliders etc. It’s safe to assume your site will have anywhere between 5 and 50 plugins. (not exceeding 20 is recommended, but that’s for another time…). These get updates various times per year, times that by the number of plugins and you have an update at least every month.

Count it all together and you have several updates each month.

Why are wordpress, plugins and theme updates important?

Primarily security / bug fixes, then speed and new features. As technology develops, software and solutions are playing catch up. Also, as hackers learn new tricks, software needs to play catch up. Or sometimes patch something up proactively. If you skip a bunch of updates, you are risking a vulnerability, slower site or both. Such maintenance needs to be done regularly – same as with your car, or our body :). If it’s not regular, it’s not doing what it needs to do and sometimes can break things.

Check this post that goes deeper into why you should always update WordPress to the latest version.

If you skip too many updates, then the gap widens – and the transition from old to new isn’t gradual, but a big leap – which often causes compatibility issues. Imagine you decide to finally do some updates after neglecting your site maintenance for more than half a year – you update all plugins, and your web stops working. Or some functionality / layout breaks. What now?

Regular backups to the rescue!

You can’t ensure nothing goes wrong – even if you do a staged update (one by one, checking the site and functionality). If something breaks, it’s very time consuming to revert the change, or even to find out what caused it. Your site could be broken for days – if that is your main source of income, that’s not good at all.

This is where having a regular backup comes in handy. The more regular it is, the safer your site & data is. If something breaks and we have a backup from yesterday or a few days back – we can restore the site in matter of hours. Such support is hard to find quickly – when it comes to business websites as your source of income –  prevention and being prepared is much better than firefighting, and watching your sales drop, once shit hits the fan. Click to tweet this tip.


We haven’t even covered all the other services in our plan…

We will backup your site weekly or daily – depending on your care plan, we will update it weekly. This includes checks whether all went fine and reverting back to the backup if it didn’t.

On top of that, we can monitor your SEO for you – on what positions is your website in Google results, for chosen keywords and phrases? How does that develop over time – growing or falling? How about your competitors, which sites are mostly featured on top positions for these keywords and phrases?

We will also manage your website proactively – if we learn about a bug or security risk in any plugin you have, we’ll update it straight away or let you know – sometimes a new one will have to be found (if the owner won’t patch the vulnerability fast enough.

We’ll clean up your spam comments and database junk for you – over time, these add up and can slow your site down.

Oh, and let’s not forget your site speed – as you add new content, maybe new functions or plugins, the website speed can suffer. You might not find out until it’s too late – and your page rank has suffered. With our pro-active monitoring, we’ll know if something changes. And we’ll help you fix it too of course :).

So what do you think? Is it worth doing on your own, or shall we take care of it for you? :) Let’s check our management plans and prices then.


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