Cloudways & Cloudflare expert website setup​

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There is a time in the life of every website when it outgrows it’s home… It’s ready to take on more traffic and run faster. But this transition is just like with a kid becoming an adult – there are so many little details that need to be addressed, it’s hard to know what can go wrong, what is optimal and what not. We’re here to help :) Let’s migrate your website to Cloudways or Cloudflare (or both!).

Are you setting up / migrating your website to Cloudflare or Cloudways? Good choice!

…but not an easy task! These services offer better site speed and optimisation, have more options to play with, but they also require a much higher technical knowledge.

We’ve migrated and set up websites on these services and are happy to help you get your site running smoothly.

  • website migration to Cloudways from other service
  • Cloudflare DNS setup
  • setting up emails
  • caching and speed
  • nameservers, A record and all the tech stuff
  • backups setup
  • speed optimisation

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