Agency website speed optimisation – 1,8s page load speed

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Google is recommending a page load speed of max 3 seconds (that is the threshold above which you start losing a high percentage of visitors, who are not prepared to wait). But the lower, the better. So we made sure, that our clients loads in 1,8 seconds :)

How did we achieve such a fast page load speed?

Simply by following many of Google’s recommendations and following best practice:

  • we used the exact image sizes for their boxes, minimising the need to resize bigger images on load
  • we have optimised all images and compressed them using latest tools
  • we have cleaned up all code – css and js
  • we have minimised all css, html and js code

Now our client can enjoy a boost in their traffic through better ranking and hence higher positions in search results thanks to much better than average site load speed.

Are you interested in making your website much faster? Let us know!

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