Estate agent

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  • responsive modern design with nice graphic elements made to measure
    • luxurious look
  • custom graphic design, logo – www.gabrielaholcer.com
  • contact and order form
    • including GDPR – consent to data processing
    • Popup window to obtain consent to the processing of personal data

Customer rating:

Thank you Lukáš for creating a presentation website and Gabriele for graphic elements of corporate identity. The cooperation took place on a professional level and according to my expectations and requirements, at the agreed time. My ideas, as well as Luke and Gabriela, have been able to understand and integrate them exactly. We communicated quickly, comprehensibly and effectively. Make any changes and my demands by turning. With services and friendly approach, Lukáš and Gabriely are very satisfied and I recommend them to their potential candidates. I myself count on them for other projects.

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