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Tell us what your web should do. We’ll build it, secure it and manage it for you – so you can focus on what you are good at.

Hi, I'm Lukas

and together with my team we help business owners get premium online presence for a fair price. We are good at finding solutions to your needs – tell us what your web should do, and we’ll find a solution for that.

We also value honest and personal approach. Talk to a human, not a sales representative or a developer who doesn’t understand you. See for yourself in our testimonials :).

What can we do for you?


Online presence that will help you achieve your goals:

  • sell services or products
  • attract new sources of sales
  • build a company identity

Every website

  • is responsive – looks great on any device
  • takes your goal into account – sell products? A specific service? Gain subscribers?
  • is built with best SEO practices out of the box and optimised for faster loading

Security & peace of mind

Don’t worry about your web being hacked or out of date and eventually stopping to function properly. 

We can back it up daily, secure and monitor it, update all it’s elements

Website & business solutions

You might need more advanced features to give your customers what they need:

  • multilingual websites
  • registration / order forms, price tables, e-commerce – eshops
  • newsletter / subscriptions, forums, classifieds system / directory, banner ads management and many more – ask and we’ll find a solution :)
  • website migration (between domains or hosting providers)
  • cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Monero and more) payment gateways for your eshop or payment buttons for products like ebooks

Graphic design

Hey look, one of us is a graphic designer and an artist! That really helps with:

  • the fine little details that make a website stand out and easy on the eyes of your visitors
  • creating your own corporate identity (logo, website, brochures, business cards, leaflets etc.)

What Our Clients Say

Our clients say it best – small business owners, artists, bloggers, freelancers, eshop owners…

Chris O'Hara
Chris O'Hara
@chefs.roadtrips | Artist, Entrepreneur, Dublin, Ireland
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"Lukas was recommended to me, and I’m delighted I choose him to develop my website. The finished product was far better than I could have hoped for! Lukas is easy to work with, listens to your requests and adopts a very professional attitude. He takes the time to fully understand your business, and creates a website that reflects your unique points of sale and hits your target market. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Lukas, and would like to take this opportunity to thank him for everything. Chris O Hara Art"

Chris O'Hara - Artist, Entrepreneur, Dublin, Ireland

Redesign of art e-shop chrisoharaart.com
  • e-shop setup (Woocommerce) and improved product presentation - as it's paintings, we have enlarged the images, added a gallery for each product, added filters for size and colour
  • custom graphic design - working closely with Chris to merge his ideas with a well designed user interface that looks good and works well
  • advice and help migrating to a new - better hosting provider
Gabriela Holcer
Gabriela Holcer
@gabriela.holcer | Artist, Slovakia
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"I have worked with Lukas three times already - first, he created my main portfolio website gabrielaholcer.com, then we worked together on creating artbubblesilk.com and then he redesigned / upgraded my portfolio website. I like his speed and reliability, as well as ability to implement my ideas into the website. He also made good suggestions in terms of additional features, like instagram feed or making my site multilingual. Looking forward to our next colaboration :) Gabriela Holcer, ArtBubbleDesign"

Gabriela Holcer, Artist, Slovakia

Design of website gabrielaholcer.com and artbubblesilk.com
  • custom design focused on showcasing paintings and designs in various categories
  • big images with category filter
  • multilingual setup usign WPML - EN/SK
Milan Matejka
Milan Matejka
Fiorano.sk | CEO, Slovakia
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"First of all, a big thanks to Lukas for doing a perfect job on my website, which I believe my clients will like. What, however, I think is even more important than just delivering the result, is profesionalism, knowledge, consistency, willingness and good communication, which Lukas certainly posesses and applies. I am very satisfied with his approach and the website he created for my business."

Milan Matejka, CEO Fiorano, Slovakia

Design and migration of website fiorano.sk
  • showcasing various services in a portfolio mode
  • help with migration of many emails and inboxes
  • SEO advice
M.D. Kamila Semancikova
M.D. Kamila Semancikova
Opthalmologist, Eye clinic
"Website maintenance and service"
Professional and fast service, thank you for your help!
Opthalmology clinic
Ph.Dr. Lenka Jatiova
Ph.Dr. Lenka Jatiova
"You know the feeling, when you can rely on someone, ask for help and trust them? Lukas certainly belongs amongst such people. Always helpful and accommodating. Thank you!"
Physiotherapy clinic

Happy to chat and advise, even if you don't order anything from us.

Webdesign options & Pricing

All these options are built using WordPress – one of the best CMS (content management systems) out there. No wonder over 30% of all websites of the world run on it :)

Company / services presentation
Fully functional website with ready made design. We will fill in your texts and images and adjust it so it looks good :)

  • responsive design (tablets, mobile)
  • key elements - header, logo, menu, body, footer
  • essential features like a contact form or gallery
  • suitable as an online business card - who you are, what you do, how to contact you - good to start with
  • effective solution at a great price
  • Social network links
  • For those who want to save and do not need tailored design

Customized presentation
300 - 600€*
Fully functional website with all you need
+ standard features + design
matching your logo / identity

Yep, you're right! Most clients pick this option.
  • See our previous work
    (opens our Slovak website)
  • customised to match your logo or corporate identity, or products / services type
  • responsive design (tablets, mobile)
  • modern & latest design elements and effects, best practice
  • home / landing page geared towards conversion - call to action to get you a contact, sale or download
  • custom contact forms
  • portfolio / services presentation and filtering
  • Social networks links and widgets
  • Google maps
  • Galleries
  • Price table
  • hacker firewall - website security
  • essential SEO configuration
  • ...and more!
  • *the price depends on the number of sub-pages / services and requirements such as galleries or contact forms
300 - 600*

Advanced Web / Eshop
800+€ *
A complex / advanced website with all you need
+ CUSTOM design and advanced features
  • See our avdanced websites
    or Eshops
    (opens our Slovak website)
  • custom graphic design and distinguishing features - grab attention from the start
  • more complex solutions for portfolio, services or galleries presentation
  • higher number of services, images, products
  • higher number of pages and sub-pages with tailored design for each, where necessary (multiple landing pages etc.)
  • advanced functions like... (hover mouse here)
  • multilingual websites
  • contact / order forms with custom advanced fields (dates, file upload, selectors...)
  • user registration, forums
  • Eshop / ecommerce (hover mouse here for more info)
  • hacker firewall - website security
  • essential SEO configuration, including products and catalogue
  • Google index push
  • Google analytics help & setup
  • Email configuration support
  • *the price depends on your specific requirements and functions. With eshops, it depends on payment gateways you choose, product presentation styles, shipping features etc.

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