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Hi there, I’m Lukas

Freelance webdesigner, entrepreneur and a traveller. After 8 years in London, working for as a project manager, I decided freedom is more valuable than money and a good career. I left this career behind to see the world and live by my real values. Now I freelance, live wherever I want and help others achieve their goals and dreams.

I spent last 7 years working in marketing, customer acquisition and effective online presence and been actively designing affordable websites for small businesses for the last 4 years.

I know you don’t just need a website. What you really need is more customers, bigger turnover and less hassle.

I’m happy to help you achieve that. You can rely on my deadlines and you’ll get more than just webdesign:

How am I different to others?

  • versatile and wide skillset – whilst working for, I moved up through various departments, learning various skills – PR, marketing, customer acquisition, pricing policies, ecommerce. I am self-sufficient since 2012, earning my living through various online channels – learning all the skills needed for that. A self-learner and pick up things fast – if there’s something I don’t know – I can quickly find good sources and learn it. You are paying only for webdesign, but you will get much more than just that – a combination of all these skills into the final product – an efficient and solid website, that works.
  • for over 5 years, I have built various types of websites and tested hundreds of solutions for forums, galleries, sliders, responsiveness, portfolio presentation, testimonials, portals, reviews, ecommerce, contact forms and many more. I know how to build more complex features by combining testes, reliable and well coded extensions, or know how to get them created for you.
  • Knowledge of the market – I know how much the inputs cost nowadays, therefore I’m not asking “typical” market prices that somehow keep the same whilst the inputs are getting cheaper. I am asking prices that will make us both happy.
  • Efficiency – I work alone hence keeping overhead low – no bottleneck or delays because of a bigger and inefficient team or communication between departments. You are paying a one person team :). I also don’t talk my services up.
  • WordPress templates – I design websites using WordPress – one of the best CMS’ out there and premium, well tested website templates / themes. During my experience I have identified a bunch of good, well maintained and time-tested templates, which really speed up the work – most of the complex programming and graphic effects are built in. What I do is customise these using CSS / HTML or PHP to suit your needs and enhance their functionality using plugins (standard practice for WordPress). This way you don’t have to pay a designer, a developer and a programmer.


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